About us




We live in a visual world. Ads have fewer words. TV commercials have more cuts. And millions of images- posters, billboards, bumper stickers, packages, building facades- all fight for attention. How do you stand out? How do you connect with your customers? How do you consistently represent your brand’s core values and promises?


Peapod Studios is located in Toronto, Ontario. If you would like to learn more, we’ll be happy to take you through our credentials, creative work and client case studies, and discuss how our approach can help your specific marketing objectives.


Working Relationships

In an age when everyone seems to be talking about social relationships, it may sound trite when we say that our best work is the result of the great relationships we share with our clients, but in fact it’s the truth. Our clients think of us as extensions of their own marketing teams. The level of trust engendered by that kind of thinking shows – in the work we do and success that we help them achieve. Beginning – and remaining – with the brand, we start with a great respect and understanding of the brand and we move forward from there.


Our job, as we see it, is to leverage the power of that brand to elicit a specific response from a prospect. It’s an approach we maintain from the very first contact through the entire relationship. At each step along the way, we work with you to establish goals and objectives. And this being direct marketing, after all, we also work with you to measure how well we’re helping you meet those goals and objectives.